Gianluca Greco


Gianluca Greco I accomplished a master degree in Chemical Engineering at Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II (2017). I carried out my thesis project between Cranfield University (UK) and Imperial College (UK) throughout an Erasmus+ programme, focusing on the development of novel CaO- based pellets for the Calcium Looping technology (CCS topic). [...]

Filipe Rego


Filipe Rego I am 25 years old and I am from Lisbon, Portugal. I have a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico of the University of Lisbon and my master thesis was about the characterization and pyrolysis of poplar biomass. I am very interested in renewable energy, especially [...]

Jorge López Ordovás


Jorge López Ordovás Jorge López Ordovás is a chemical engineer from Zaragoza, Spain. He studied his long-cycle degree in chemical engineering at University of Zaragoza which was finishes on March 2015 after defending his project “Catalyst characterization by non-steady reaction techniques for methane dry reforming”. When he was studying the 4th course [...]

Przemyslaw Maziarka


Przemyslaw Maziarka I am coming from Southern part of Poland. I have made my Bachelor and Master degree at the AGH – University of the Science and Technology in Krakow. I was studying Chemical Technology on the Faculty of the Energy and Fuels with specialisation on the Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuel Energy. [...]

Qusay Ibrahim


Qusay Ibrahim I am Qusay Ibrahim, 28 years old from Jordan. I’ve finished my BSc Degree in Chemistry from The University of Jordan in 2010. I’ve just graduated from the University of Jordan and get my master degree in Analytical Chemistry. I have had extensive experience working on analytical chemistry research for about [...]

Pablo Arauzo


Pablo Arauzo Pablo J. Arauzo, 1990 (Zaragoza, Spain). Degree and Master in Chemical Engineering focus in Process Engineering by the University of Zaragoza (2014); project master developed at Washington State University (USA). Currently, Graduate student in Mechanical Engineering at University of Hawaii at Manoa. Research interests include characterization of pyrolysis’ products from biomass [...]

Maciej Olszewski


Maciej Olszewski Maciej Olszewski holds a master degree in Chemical engineering from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland. He took part in the BioCarb+ project in Norway in cooperation with Norwegian University of Science and Technology and SINTEF Energy. Maciej’s interests are focused on thermochemical conversion of biomass, process [...]

Xia Wang


Xia Wang Xia Wang is a Ph.D student in Stockholm University under Prof. Niklas Hedin’s guidance since 06/2017, her research work is mainly focused on hydrothermally porous carbon materials. She completed her MSc degree in July 2016 in Prof. Zhong Li’s group in State Key Lab of Coal Science and Technology, Taiyuan University [...]

Sabina Alexandra Nicolae


Sabina Alexandra Nicolae Sabina Alexandra Nicolae is a chemist from Bucharest, Romania. She did her bachelor studies at University of Bucharest, Faculty of Chemistry on General Chemistry. Then, she continued her master studies, at the same university. She attended an international master, “Chemistry of Advanced Materials”, her thesis being entitled “Catalytic materials [...]

Christian Di Stasi


Christian Di Stasi Christian Di Stasi, 1991 (Salerno, Italy). I got my Master degree in chemical engineering at the University of Salerno (2017). In the 2016 I have attended the Erasmus+ project in Netherlands. I spent six months working at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e) with the Multiphase Ractor group, where I developed [...]

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