Chris Day


Chris Day Chris (CJD)is director of BPP, a firm created 20 years ago tosmall scale biomass fuel power plant, typically at 3t/hr of throughput, responsive to a market demand.  CJD had a career as an engineer over the previous 30 years in nuclear, hydro,gas technologies, and environmental engineering; progressing from the site engineering roles [...]

Marcus Du Pree Thomas


Marcus Du Pree Thomas Marcus Du Pree Thomas is a Bio-Chemical Engineer with 25 Years’ experience in the Water, Wastewater and Waste Industries developing, designing, delivering, operating and optimising all aspects of environmental treatment technologies.  Marcus currently coordinates all research, innovation and technology projects for Viridor interfacing with a number of [...]

Dr. Majid Naderi


Dr. Majid Naderi Principal Investigator at SMS Surface Measurements Systems Ltd Wharfside, Rosemont Road, London, HA0 4PE (UK) Phone: +44 (0) 208 795 9406 E-mail: Web page: Majid Naderi received his Ph.D. degree in Physical Chemistry from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (U.M.I.S.T.) in 1998, and since 2002 has [...]

Dr. Andrew Goddard


Dr. Andrew Goddard Principal Investigator at Freeland Freeland Horticulture Ltd Wroot road quarry, Wroot road, Finningley, Doncaster, DN9 3DU (UK) Phone: +44 (0)130 277 0500 E-mail: Web page: Dr. Andrew Goddard is an industrial microbiologist with extensive first-hand experience in the waste management industry. He was also involved in odour troubleshooting and organic treatment [...]

M. Sc. Kevin Friedrich


M. Sc. Kevin Friedrich Principal Investigator at Pyreg Head of Research & Development PYREG GmbH Trinkbornstraße 15-17, 56281 Dörth (Germany) Phone: +49 6747 95388-16 E-mail: Web page: Kevin Friedrich developed the PYREG Process to industrial standard and he is currently working on phosphorus fertiliser production and one- and two-staged production of high [...]

Malte Lilliestråle


Malte Lilliestråle Malte Lilliestråle is the CEO of Biokol Sverige AB, a research oriented SME focused on customized and functionalized carbons from renewable feed-stocks in applications like electrodes for capacitors, adsorbents for purification of water, air, gases and storage of gases. Examples of products are magnetic activated carbon made from agriculture waste [...]

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