Prof. Dr. ir. Frederik Ronsse


Prof. Dr. ir. Frederik Ronsse Ghent University – Department of Biosystems Engineering – Faculty of Bioscience Engineering Coupure Links 653; 9000 Gent (Belgium) Phone: +32 92646200 E-mail: Web page: Prof. dr. Frederik Ronsse is the leader of the Thermochemical Biomass Conversion research group at the Department of Biosystems Engineering (Ghent University). He is responsible [...]

Prof. Tony Bridgwater


Prof. Tony Bridgwater Aston University – European Bioenergy Research Institute – School of Engineering and Applied Science Birmingham B4 7ET (UK) Phone: +44 (0)121 204 3381 E-mail: Web page: Professor Bridgwater’s interests are focused on the development of fast pyrolysis of biomass and the fuel and chemical products that can be derived [...]

Prof. Dr. habil, Andrea Kruse


Prof. Dr. habil, Andrea Kruse University of Hohenheim – Institute of Agricultural En gineering – Conversion Technology and Life Cycle Assessment of Renewable Resources (440f)Garbenstr. 9, 70593 Stuttgart (Germany) Phone: +49 (0)711 459 24700 E-mail: Web page: Professor Kruse’s interests are focused on: platform chemicals from biomass (furfurales, phenols, etc.) for old [...]

Prof. Niklas Hedin


Prof. Niklas Hedin Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry Stockholm University Arrhenius Laboratory, 10691 Stockholm (Sweden) Phone: +46 8162417 E-mail: Web page: Niklas Hedin, PhD from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Postdoctoral research with Bradley Chmelka in UC California at Santa Barbara, and with Sebastian Reyes at ExxonMobil Corporate [...]

Dr. Moritz Leschinsky


Dr. Moritz Leschinsky Fraunhofer Center for Chemical-Biotechnological Processes CBP Am Haupttor, 06237 Leuna (Germany) Phone: +49 3461439102 E-mail: Web page: Dr. Moritz Leschinsky,  wood scientist, working since 2010 for the Fraunhofer Society as Group leader for the pretreatment and fractionation of renewable feedstocks. He was strongly involved in the setup of [...]

Prof. Magdalena Titirici


Prof. Magdalena Titirici Queen Mary University of London – School of Engineering and Materials Science E406, Eng, Mile End (UK) Phone: +44 (0)20 7882 6272 E-mail: Web page: Prof. Titirici is the author of around highly cited 120 publications (h-index 49-Web of Science) in the field of sustainable materials and green nanochemistry, several [...]

Dr. Ondřej Mašek


Dr. Ondřej Mašek UK Biochar Research Centre School of Geosciences Crew Building, The King’s Buildings University of Edinburgh Edinburgh, EH9 3FF Tel. +44 131 650 5095 Skype: ondrej.masek-ukbrc Email: Web: Dr. Ondřej Mašek is a Lecturer in Engineering Assessment of Biochar at the University of Edinburgh. He established and has lead biomass pyrolysis and biochar [...]

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