Prof. Dr. Joan J. Manyà

Network Coordinator and Principal Investigator at UNIZAR

University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR) – Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Escuela Politécnica Superior, crta Cuarte s/n, E-22071 Huesca (Spain)
Phone: +34 974292649
Web page:

Prof. Joan J. Manyà received his PhD degree from the Technical University of Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain) in 2002. He conducted several post-doctoral stays at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (USA) under the guidance of Prof. Michael J. Antal. From 2010, Dr. Manyà is focusing your research efforts on producing biochar through pressurised slow pyrolysis from agricultural wastes. He currently leads a multidisciplinary team of 5 permanent researchers, 2 postdoc researchers and several PhD and MSc students. Along his career, Dr. Manyà published 22 articles indexed in the JCR (H-index: 12).

Network Coordinator and Principal Investigator at UNIZAR Main supervisor of ESR 1 and ESR 10.