Prof. Dr. ir. Frederik Ronsse

Ghent University – Department of Biosystems Engineering – Faculty of Bioscience Engineering
Coupure Links 653; 9000 Gent (Belgium)
Phone: +32 92646200
Web page:

Prof. dr. Frederik Ronsse is the leader of the Thermochemical Biomass Conversion research group at the Department of Biosystems Engineering (Ghent University). He is responsible for managing a team with expertise in developing and optimizing biomass thermochemical conversion processes, which include fast and slow pyrolysis, gasification, torrefaction and hydrothermal liquefaction. Next to thermochemical biomass conversion, his research field also concerns process engineering with respect to multiphase flow analysis, including fluidisation, technology of granular matter and powders, study of heat and mass transfer, and modelling techniques including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Population Balance Modelling (PBM) using Monte Carlo solving techniques.

He graduated as a MSc. in Bioscience Engineering (in 2001) and obtained a PhD degree in Applied Biological Sciences in 2006. At Ghent University, he was active as a post-doctoral assistant up until 2011, as a tenure track assistant professor between 2011 and 2016, and since February 2016, has been appointed as associated professor. In 2010, he also served as a visiting scientist to dr. Robert Brown’s research group at the Iowa State University for an extended 7-month period.

In addition to his research activities, he also teaches various topics in process engineering, biomass thermochemical conversion and solid waste management to undergraduate and graduate students at Ghent University.

Principal Investigator at UGent and main supervisor of ESR 4 and ESR 13