GREENCARBON Kick-off event took place in Huesca the days 20-21st March 2017

To download the agenda of the event please click here: Agenda Kick-Off Event GREENCARBON

All the beneficiaries and some of the partner organisations as well as the first batch of recruited researchers (ESRs) attended this first meeting. The main meeting took place on Monday and started with the welcome talks given by the vice-chancellor for Science Policy at the University of Zaragoza (Luis M. García-Vinuesa) and the director of the Technological College of Huesca (Javier García-Ramos). Then, Joan Manya, coordinator of this project gave a general vision of the project followed by a short introduction of the European projects´ office at the University of Zaragoza by Pilar Calatayud, director of this office. To finish this first session, Belén González, GreenCarbon´s project Manager talked about the main management aspects of this project.  During the rest of the day, beneficiaries and partner organisations gave introductory presentations over their centres. The afternoon was also used to do some videocastings with the ESR´s attendees to the meeting and some of the principal investigators involved in the project.  To finish this first day at the Technological College of Huesca, a visit to the school and the labs of Professor Manyà´s group was organised.

Later, close to the evening, most of the attendees to the meeting participated in a guided visit to the historic centre of Huesca to finish the day with a dinner in a Restaurant at the city.

On Tuesday, the meeting was more focused on practical aspects of the project. An overall description of how all the recruitment process was going on and the current status of all the positions was given by Dr. Belén González. Then, the representatives between the ESR´s 1-7 for the Supervisory Board and the Training Committee were selected. After the coffee break, instead of parallel sessions as it was planned in the program, all the attendees to the meeting participated in the same session to discuss the most urgent aspects related with research, as the selection of biomass sources to be used within GreenCarbon, and later, it was discussed all related with the schools and workshops planned for this year, proposing possible dates and contents.

The kick-off meeting was finished, following the agenda, with the action plan and some concluding remarks. A lunch at the school took place to put end to these two intensive working days at the Technological College of Huesca, where a lot of crucial decisions for the good development of the project were taken.