3rd project meeting  took place in Edimburgh the 16 and 17th October 2019

To download the agenda of the event please click here: Agenda 3rd project meeting GREENCARBON

During the days 16 and 17th October, it was organized the the third annual meeting of this project the University of Edimburgh together the Management Team. All the participant institutions (beneficiaries and partner organisations) and the three members of the Advisory Board were invited to attend it as well as all the recruited researchers (ESRs). Only one member of the Advisory Board, Nicolaus Dahmen, could attend the meeting. The meeting was held according to the agenda attached above.
The first session of the meeting started with the welcome of Prof. Ondrej Masek, PI at UEdin, who thanked all the attendees for coming to the meeting and gave a short introduction of his university and his department. Then, Joan J. Manyà, coordinator of the GreenCarbon project, gave a short welcome to all the attendees to the meeting.  Thus, the first session of presentations started with ESR 14 (Christian Wurzer), to follow with the presentations of ESR 13, 12 and 11 before the coffee break. After this break and before lunch, ESRs 10, 9, 8, 7 and 6 gave their respective talks. Each ESR presented their work in a time of around 15 minutes with other 5 minutes for questions.

Finished the lunch and according with the agenda, the meeting continued with the last cohort of presentations (ESRs 5,  4, 3, 2 and 1). Once all the presentations were finished, the Supervisory Board approved the annual reports of all of the ESRs.  This first day finished with a discussion about the status of each student´s phD. All the PIs, representatives of industrial partners and all the attendees in general highlighted  that all the ESRs had showed a huge progress during the last year.

The second day of  this meeting was focused on the next year of the project: planning of each ESRs for the next months, estimate date of graduation, conferences planned and number of papers which they expect to submit to high impact journals. Joan Manyà, coordinator of the project, made also an update about the economical situation of the project being all the questions regarding this aspect were clarified. Finally, the last session of this meeting was dedicated to the GreenCarbon conference which will be held in Zaragoza next year and where it is expected to have all the members of the project actively involved. After the lunch, a lab tour was organized where all the attendees had the opportunity to see all the facilities at Ondrej Masek´s lab and meet the rest of the members of his research group.