2nd project meeting  took place in Stuttgart the days 26 and 27th September 2018

To download the agenda of the event please click here: Agenda 2nd project meeting GREENCARBON

As it happened with the previous meetings, all the participant institutions (beneficiaries and partner organisations) and the three members of the Advisory Board were invited to attend it as well as all the recruited researchers (ESRs). The project officer from the EU commission, Szymon Sroda as well as an external reviewer, Dr Hana Hajova, had notified us months ago their intention to attend the meeting too.

The meeting was held according to this agenda with one alteration because the EU project officer, Szymon Sroda had to leave earlier so the second and the third session of ESRs’ presentations were moved to after the coffee break in the afternoon being his meeting with the students before.
The first session of the meeting started with the welcome of Prof. Andrea Kruse, PI at Hohenheim, who thanked all the attendees for coming to the meeting. Then, Joan J. Manyà, coordinator of the GreenCarbon project thanked also everybody in the room, especially to the project officer and the REA from the EU commission and Prof. Franco Berruti, member of the advisory board, for their attendance. After all the attendees introduced themselves by petition of the project offficer, Prof. Manyà explained the programme for all the day and the alterations described previously. Thus, the first session of presentations started with ESR 1, to follow with the presentations of ESR 2, 3 and 4 before the lunch break. After this break and it was explained before, the project officer and the REA met all the ESRs for an hour and a half. During this meeting, the ESRs had the opportunity to discuss with both members of the EU commission about their concerns regarding the project as well as to give their opinions about their progress within the project. During this time, the rest of the attendees to this event had the opportunity to do some networking between them. After a coffee break, the presentations of the ESRs continued with ESRs 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Each ESR presented their work in a time of around 15 minutes and then, all the presents there had the opportunity to ask questions.
After a short break, the meeting continued with the last cohort of presentations (ESRs 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14). Once all the presentations were finished, the Supervisory Board approved the annual reports of all of the ESRs.
This first day of the mid-term meeting finished with a dinner in Stuttgart, where all the members of the consortium had the opportunity of continuing doing some networking between them.
The meeting continued on the following day. Both members of the commission as well as Jiawei Wang and Chris Day couldn´t attend this second day. The session started with a brief update of the project by the coordinator, Joan Manyà, who focused his attention on the secondments of the ESRs and the interactions between them followed by a discussion between all the presents about this.
Once all the ESRs had given their opinions and thoughts about their planned secondments, Professor Franco Berruti, the only member of the advisory board who was able to attend the meeting gave his impressions about the meeting and the project in general. Regarding the presentations of the ESRs, he said he was pleasantly surprised with the work that all the ESRs were developing and the good presentations they made. Besides this, he stood out the necessity of defining more possible interactions and collaborations between the ESRs within the project. On the other hand, he also suggested some companies out of the consortium which could be interesting for them, even to do secondments. He offered his help if any of them is interested on stablishing any connection with any of those companies. Finally, he mentioned some coming conferences which will be hold in the next months which could be interesting for the students and the PIs within GreenCarbon and offered his help and facilities to all the students and members of the project in general.
After the lunch, as it was in the programme, it was time to speak about the ETN book. During this session, all the students had the opportunity to ask their questions and doubts about the chapters they recently submitted to the coordinator team. In this way, the coordinator of the project clarified different points of the book and reminded all the attendees that the main objective of this book is that this serves as a piece of literature summing up the aims and science of the network. At the same time, this collaborative writing project offers students additional insights into many aspects of the process of writing/editing, as well as anticipating the needs of skills in team working and communication.
Finished this session, a visit to a research lab which main field is the alcohol distillation was organized, where all the attendees had the opportunity to see all the equipment used for that process and listen the explanations given by the group leader about the different distillation processes developed by his group as well as some anecdotes about its origin. This second day of meeting finished with a visit to Prof. Kruse labs.