2nd Project Meeting
10 octubre, 2018
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2nd Open lab session

2nd Open lab session is on its way

This year, the second open lab session is being held different days at the different nodes to match it with other dissemination events and attract higher number of people. At the middle of November, the open lab sessions at UEdin and UHOH were held. Regarding the even in UEdin, this started with a poster presentation by master and postgraduate students of the University of Edinburgh, while the main event consisted on  9 talks about current research at the UKBRC. Dr. Ondrej Masek introduced the Green Carbon network, followed by a talk about “Synergies in sequential biochar systems” by the ESR 14 Christian Wurzer. Besides the academic project presentations, “Carbogenics” – a start-up company originating in the research centre – presented their latest achievements to the audience. These talks were followed by an exhibition of the centre showcasing equipment as well as some experimental demonstrations for the interested public. With over 65 participants from different universities as well as an interested public, the event was a big success and highlights the importance of public outreach for contemporary science. A picture of the event is showed above.

Regarding the Open lab day at University of Hohenheim, this took place at 17th November 2018 from 14 h to 17 h. The event was focused on the conversion of biomass residues to produce carbon materials, which are applied to e-mobility as electrodes for batteries and supercapacitors.  Three lectures to explain this concept. were given: Dr. agr. Lewandoswski explained the e-mobility in the context of the bioeconomy while Dr. Rodriguez and Ms.C Hoffmann gave both a lecture about the conversion of the biomass to the carbon materials, such supercapacitors. The last one was given by Dr. Böse who spoke about the process from activated carbon materials to automobile application. A poster session was also organized with the aim to show the research and  progress of the ESRs. Through these posters, the attendees could  learn about the methodology of the conversion and the products obtained: ESR 5 showed the production of Organoslv lignin from beech wood and the application of the hydrothermal carbonization process to produce carbon materials while the ESRs 6 and  7 showed on their posters the conversion of initial biomass residues to carbon materials and the different products obtained from hydrothermal carbonization and pyrolysis. A picture of the event is showed below:

The second open lab session at Aston took place at EBRI seminar room on 22nd November 2018. The event was previously advertised on social media from organisers (Filipe Rego, Dr. Katie Chong, Dr. Jiawei Wang and Jorge López-Ordovás) and e-mailed to societies in Aston, especially the ones from chemical engineering and the lecturers advertised it on the different courses. The attendees were mainly students at different levels, from undergraduates up to PhD students. After an introduction given by Dr. Katie Chong about the GreenCarbon project and the importance of the project, Filipe Rego spoke aobut the pyrolysis process and explained the experimental work he is actually developing . After Filipe’s presentation, Jorge showed the different technologies used in the industry to perform slow pyrolysis. Once all the talks finished, all the attendees had the opportunity to visit their lab where Filipe could show his reactor and explain the feeding method and the post-treatment methods used at lab-scale. After that, all the students could see the basement of the gasification plant where there is a transparent screw reactor, to see what is happening inside the reactor they had previously seen in the laboratory. Once everybody were back to the Seminar room, Dr. Jiawei Wang gave the final remarks and highlighted the importance of the research that this group is carrying out at this university within the GreenCarbon project. Below it is showed the poster designed to advertise this event:


During the month of December, similar events will be held at the rest of the nodes involved in GreenCarbon project. The post will be updated with the information and pictures of them.

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