1st project meeting  took place in London the 12st December 2017

To download the agenda of the event please click here: Agenda 1st project meeting GREENCARBON

At the end of 2017, the first annual meeting of this project organized by QMUL together the Management Team was hold in London the 12th December. All the participant institutions (beneficiaries and partner organisations) and the three members of the Advisory Board were invited to attend it as well as all the recruited researchers (ESRs). The meeting was held according to this agenda with just few alterations of the order of the presentations of the ESRs. The reason to alter this was that the third member of the Advisory Board, Prof. Franco Berruti was not able to attend the meeting but he could follow it via skype from 11 pm. The session started with the presentation of the student Xia Wang (ESR 8), so that when Prof. Berruti was able to join the meeting, it was just the turn of the ESRs involved in WP 7 and then, WP 4, topics closer to Prof. Berruti´s field of expertise.
The first session of the meeting started with the welcome of Prof. Magdalena Titirici, PI at QMUL, who thanked all the attendees for coming to the meeting. Then, Joan J. Manyà, coordinator of the GreenCarbon project, gave a short introduction about the members of the Advisory Board and thanked all of them for accepting being part of the project. Prof. Manyà explained also the programme for all the day and the alterations described previously. Thus, the first session of presentations started with ESR 8, to follow with the presentations of ESR 9, 10, 11 and 12 before the coffee break. After this break and before lunch, ESRs 13, 14, 2 and 3 gave their respective talks. Each ESR presented their work in a time of around 10 minutes and then, all the presents there had the opportunity to ask questions.

Finished the lunch, the meeting continued with the last cohort of presentations (ESRs 4, 5, 6 and 7). Once all the presentations were finished, the Supervisory Board approved the annual reports of all of the ESRs. After the coffee break, the first meeting of the members of the Research Committee took place. This committee is integrated by Prof. Manyà as the Network Coordinator, the leaders of WPs 4-7 (Prof. Frederik Ronsse from UGent, Prof. Andrea Kruse from UHOH, Prof. Magdalena Titirici from QMUL and Prof. Ondrej Masek from UEdin) and one representative of the ESRs (Pablo J. Arauzo). Besides, Belén González, the project manager of GreenCarbon was present during the meeting but without right to vote as well as Yang Yang, representative of AstonU.

During this meeting, each WP´s leader summarised the progress within that WP and future actions to be taken. All the aspects were discussed by all the researchers in order to improve the good progress of the project. Special emphasis was focused on strengthening synergies among all the partners.
This first annual meeting finished with a visit to the Prof. Titirici´s labs at QMUL and finally, a dinner in London, where all the members of the consortium had the opportunity of continuing doing some networking between them and the members of the Advisory Board.